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Friends of the Urban Forest

Verified 501(c)(3) Non-Profit


Put Down Roots. This September, Friends of the Urban Forest invites the Bay Area tech community to green San Francisco!


Please allow us to introduce ourselves...

Friends of the Urban Forest (FUF) is San Francisco's urban forestry organization. We've:

- held 1,000+ community planting days
- gone neighborhood by neighborhood and planted more than 48,000 trees
- recently added a booming sidewalk garden program


UberConference employees, FUF staff and volunteers with a new street tree

UberConference employees planting trees with us in the Mission neighborhood


We're inviting the tech community to #TechPlantsSF...

We've started this campaign for tech employees to donate and participate in our September urban forestry events: 4 tree care days, 3 tree plantings, 2 sidewalk gardening days, 1 community outreach day, and 1 tree tour.


So please fund this important work...

Donations to FUF are tax-deductible. Donation perks include:  
- Get a #TechPlantsSF t-shirt or hoodie
- Name a tree to be planted, and get a photo
- Receive a framed "ground-breaking" photo from a planting


Then come out to an event...

Our 2014 #TechPlantsSF events are over.  Thanks to everyone who participated!




#TPSF Scoreboard

100 points per mixer RSVP
250 points per volunteering RSVP
10 points per dollar donated

Company Points
Google 13,450
FusionStorm 11,500
Twitter 8,400
Dropbox 3,400
Uber Conference 3,400




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